1) Engaging: You should present the material in a way that engages your audience. The use of photos or graphics is encouraged (and expected) when appropriate. (25%)

2) Accessible: It should be aimed at a general audience and should not assume any prior familiarity with the material. (15%)

3) Informative: It should aim to capture the most important and interesting aspects of the material. (25%)

4) Professional: It should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Formatting should be polished. (15%)

5) Attendance: In addition, each student is responsible for being in attendance of the FYF Final Symposium (December 8th from 11-1pm) for at least 45 minutes and to be prepared to discuss your experience in the course in context of the Final Symposium book. (20%)

Finally, you will be required to complete a brief report in which you rate the extent to which your fellow group members made meaningful contributions to the group's work. This will be due by the end of the day December 11th and will be submitted via D2L dropbox. These ratings will be factored into your individual final grade for this project.

In order to ensure that books can be printed by the Final Symposium, materials will need to be given to me no later than 3pm this Friday December 4th.